Heidi prides herself on her ability to innovate and “think outside the box” when it comes to meeting her customers’ needs. Heidi says, “Our Team are dedicated to serving your needs. We believe that the best way for us to be successful is by helping our customers get what they want. We call this a “Win – win solution”.

In 2010 both Heidi's Sons joined her in the property business. Foster, the oldest, has the same interest as his Mum in property and has learnt very fast. He is gifted at IT so has been able to streamline the system with his younger brother Ollie. Ollie gained a degree at Stafford university in 2010 in Gaming Design, but after much thought, decided that his passion for property should lead him to join Foster and Heidi in property. Heidi was thrilled to have her two sons on board, and the business has grown very rapidly since.

Heidi has been dealing in property for over 30 years. She has a large personal portfolio of houses, and  a wealth of knowledge in property to help people in most situations. Knowing there are lots of people who want to own their homes, but through no fault of their own, they are unable to get a mortgage, Heidi can offer a solution, as with most property problems. Heidi and her team work ethically and believe in treating others as they would expect to be treated and are extremely dedicated.


EXPERTISE AND GUIDANCE…all Heidi's team have in depth product knowledge will guide and advise clients appropriately, based on this knowledge.

RESPONSE…We will respond quickly and emphatically to any questions or queries that arise with our clients, during a process and after.

GRATITUDE…we treat every customer as if they are our only customer. We value them highly.